Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Here at Web Transplant, we don’t just expect that a simple plain newsletter to inform your clients will keep them at your door. We know that it’s not enough.

Web Transplant has a solid background in web design and Email marketing. We can help you in many ways from the simplest newsletter to the most complex. Let us design and program your newsletters for you and avoid almost all spam filters out there. We will not just design and program your Newsletters we will guide you on how to get the most out of it.

Newsletter Design

We are professionals when it comes to design. Our Newsletters reach’s your clients and creates jaw dropping reactions.

We design newsletters in a way that almost all email should easily be sent to all recipients in your list without being buried in the graveyard of spam. Your client will be pleased on the refreshing look we will provide you and your message will leave a mark. Don’t miss out on keeping customers informed and up to date with your company news, sales and promotions.

Newsletter Programming

Web transplant has 5 years behind them in web programing. We have a solid background in newsletters programming.

We programme all are newsletter from the ground up. Paying attention to all the little details that may cause a newsletter to be ignored and not be delivered. We use all the proper techniques with strict sematic code. We can programme and integrate the newsletter into many different newsletter systems for you.

Newsletter Solutions

Web transplant has tried out many newsletter solutions and are familiar with the main ones available to you.

We can help you setup your solution and help you integrate you newsletter and campaign list. We can give you a small tutorial on how to use these solutions or guide you to use one depending on your needs. We can integrate your subscription form into your website to speed up the process on building your list. We can integrate you forms into many different platforms and technologies.

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